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I believe everyone who bring some goodwill can sew and enjoy it.The attic is an unpretentious place .I show my work, information and hope it could somehow inspired you.Feel free to leave comment or share idea.Be welcome and visit as much as you want.

vendredi 19 juin 2015

Next project on their ways

 Now that I have publish the last post about my dress from the renaissance challenge , it's time to go on.My sewing room is clean (not a greenhouse anymore) and the idea to start something is exciting.I will be at home with my baby girl until next march , so I decided if I manage well my time I could do sewing.

 For myself , three summer top in knit fabric I had for a long time.For the style I want , I have to make it. The only top I would like to buy this year was a polo from Sears but 40$ ,too expensive , because I want 2 or 3 of them.They were recently in sold but they do  not have my size anymore.
 I don't remember why I buy this fabric , totally not me.I will use it to make something for my mom as a christmas gift.It will suit her better then me.
A beautiful blue chinese brocade I buy a long time ago.I decided to used it.I will make a dressing gown as a christmas gift for a friend ( which is not Gwenyver ).

 I already have most pattern I need , except for 2.That's the advantage to buy in advance , when you need it you already have it.I admit I was suppose to do it years ago.That's part of the list of things I was suppose to do a long time ago.
Last weekend my little family and I went in the chinatown .I found this cute little outfit for 20$.It will be the halloween costume for my little girl.Some may say it's expensive for a one time wear but it will also be a souvenir.They were so many cute outfit for child I  would like to buy.Sadly I must say chinatown is not a place for very young kids : the shop are small and there is stairs to enter in almost every to not say every shop.That was a big problem with the stroller.
I did found in my stuff a pattern that can be use to make something similar or possibly cross over clothing for baby.

I did buy and give in advance to my honey for father's day the serie Black sails.This mean I may do to my son  a captain Flint inspired costume for halloween or something to match his little sister I'm not sure yet.

I do watch a lot of tv when I breastfed , all the serie I missed or wish to see : black sails , the white queen , game of throne - I stop at the end of the 2nd season , Jonathan and mister Norrel - I don't recall the exact name , that's something my honey had talk about , once upon a time , outlander  .

And for christmas.Yes you have read correctly , christmas.This year I do not work and stay at home with my girl so my budget is tight.I will try to make at least 80% by myself and not buy much.I have so many extraordinary fabric which can be used to make gift and I firmly intend to use it.It also help to make place .Having that in mind , I will not buy any decorations for the tree , except for some geeky stuff but no more then 3 .I can make decorations with what I have at home.There is so many thing which can be done and I'm sure my son will like to help.

So far it seem there will be no Tournament of the Lys d'argent this year.Last year it has change the place where it was held and was 2h of driving from my home.There is a medieval festival not too far from home so I'm thinking about going to it.It will depend if I had time to make something new and if the day is not too hot.

I think I have a lot to do , wish me good luck.

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