The attic is a place dedicate to share my passion :costuming and sewing.I'm not a professional or expert seamstress,only the mother of young kids who love sewing.You won't find 100% historical costume,museum replica, perfection or extreme thing here.

I believe everyone who bring some goodwill can sew and enjoy it.The attic is an unpretentious place .I show my work, information and hope it could somehow inspired you.Feel free to leave comment or share idea.Be welcome and visit as much as you want.

lundi 13 juillet 2015

Liebster award

It does take time but I finally answer to the award I receive.I do receive the Liebster award which is to help to discover new blog.I knew it will take time to do.At first I wasn't sure  if I wish to accept it , but when I read things like I do not know x blog to nominate and blablabla.I will nominate 22 blogs , which is the double .To make things clear for everyone , I put the link the real rules .Anyway it seem a custom to everyone to change a little the rules so do I.

1- Thanks the person who nominated you and link her blog 
 My friend Laurie from Threads of my life .
2-Display the award on your blog - done with a link for the rules
3-Answer 11 questions ask by the person who nominated you
4-Provide 11 random facts about you
5-Nominated between 5 to 11 blog 
6-Create a new list of questions for the people I nominated
7-List the rules in my post - done
8-Tell to the nominated people they receive the award and gave them a link to your page

The questions I receive
1- Is sewing costumes just a hobby or do you make a living out of it?
Only a hobby , I'm a baker who spend half the year making chocolate.
2- Is there a costume/type of costume you are dreaming to make but still haven't attempted because it's too crazy and complicated? 
Victorian costume but one day it will come.
3- If you could visit another era, which one would you choose? 
The renaissance
4- What are your favorite fabrics to work with?
I don't have any preference.
5- How did you learn to sew? 
I did a little at school because we have to it wasn't an option.Later I start sewing with my mom but quickly continue alone .
6- Which of your costumes are you the most proud of? 
The renaissance chemise I made for IRCC4 last year , a mix of machine and hand sewing.
7- What part of costumemaking do you sometimes struggle with (for example buttonholes,darts,etc) ?
8- Who is your favorite historical or mythical figure? 
Not one in particular but I like Queen Elizabeth 1st , Queen Victoria and a few other.
9- Do you have any other hobbies/ passions apart from sewing and costumemaking?
I love gardening and herbalism ,  strange and unusual plant and also love joust.
10- What is your favorite costume film/show/series
Not one in particular but I like Victoria ,The Tudor , Marguerite Volant , Sisi .
11- Where do you wear your costumes?
For special event of course

Random fact about me
1-I hate to choose one option , too difficult , I prefer to take more .
2-My 2 kids are the most beautiful gift I ever receive.
3-It's sometimes hard to finish a big project because it mean the fun is over.
4-Half the year when I have to make chocolate at job , for me it smell like dirty feet and I know it's only in my mind .Good thing of this is I don't eat chocolate everyday .
5-My honey do not know but my sewing room will never be enough big.
6-I don't always love sewing
7-Handsewing is not a bliss , it just make the beast to looks like more realistic.
8-I love pink
9-I don't know what to do with some fabric in my stash
10-I want a better sewing machine but I already have a pretty good one
11-I wish one day I would be able to do joust , it's not reserve to men anymore.
12-I prefer doing men garment instead of lady's wear.
13-Searching in virtual museum is absolutely  boring for me.
14-French is my fist language .

The nominated blog are:
108 ways to wear a sari
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Confession of a costumeholic and Threads of my life - they do not really count but they do not display the award but they already receive it and accept it.

The questions the nominated person have to answer,you may choose only 11 of them.
1- What is your favorite era of costume and why?
2-What is your favorite costuming event , futur or past ?
3-What is the costume you wish to have but did not possess?
4-How many costumes do you have ?
5-How many costumes have you made ?
6-Which skill do you wish to have or do not control very well?
7-Did you ever participate in a movie , tv show  ?
8-If you have the choice to pay for the costume of your dream or your rent , which one do you pay first?
9-Silk or art silk?
10-Commercial pattern or did you make your own?
11-What is the costume you had less success with and why?
12-What is the worst thing you have been told about one of your costume?
13-What is the thing you didn't like about sewing and costuming ?
14-Are you in a costuming group official or not?
15-What is the fabric , item or accessories you wish to buy but never did because of the budget?
16-Do you have a favorite book about sewing or costuming?
17-Where and what is the event of your dream?
18-Who is the profesionnal costume designer you would like to work with?
19- The movie or tv serie you love more then other because the costumes are a candy for eyes?
20- Do you have a favorite designer , living or dead?
21-When did you start to blog and why?
22- Why did you choose sewing and costuming as a hobby?
23-When and why did you learn to sew?

I will contact the nominated person this week , just give me a little time.Thanks to Laurie who gave me the award.

2 commentaires:

  1. Thank you Nancy for nominating me. I feel very honored. Am in sumer hollidays with no internet except with my phone but I'll answer as soon as I'll be at home.
    Am glad to discover news Bloggers :-)

  2. Thank you Nancy for nominating me. I feel very honored. Am in sumer hollidays with no internet except with my phone but I'll answer as soon as I'll be at home.
    Am glad to discover news Bloggers :-)