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samedi 18 juillet 2015

The myth of perfection or the non glamour side of costuming

It did start for some time now but it still continue , the post Lauren from Wearing history have start about the myth of perfection.It's all about the fact that there is a real human behind the perfect picture and it's not 100% and glamour as it looks like.

I truly believe if people were talking more of what goes wrong it will gave a more realistic view of the hobby.Sometimes our health is not at is best and there is a part of private thing you did not want the entire world to know about it. Nothing is 100% glamour or perfect and because of this many people don't want to jump in the hobby.It also gave a wrong , false image of the real life.

I will gave you perfect example of the non glamour side I did experienced :

 Last year for the costuming picnic , I feel like I scream most of the time against my son.He was running too far from me so I must call him to come back.I think I had only 1 picture of the event. It wasn't much fun for me , he does hopefully.

What people do not know is , my son can heard mostly nothing.I must talk very loud to him.The picnic was in june and  in july he had a ear surgery .Put your head under water and that will give you an idea of how he heard the world around him.It was like that for months if not more then a year .I was piss off that day because my honey couldn't come at the last moment , he had to work.It's easier for 2 persons to have an eye on him.Alone I couldn't sit for long and chit chat as I wish.

 The dress I reshape to get something more historically correct.I work hard on it.It wasn't finish the day of the event.The stomacher stay in place with safety pins.I didn't had the proper undergarment and well what should happend did happend :I was ask if I was pregnant.

Trust me it's never fun ,you feel uncomfortable and it was not the first time.I have been ask so many time are you pregnant when I'm in a costume that now I just try to laugh about it.That's really not glamour to be told you looks pregnant when you are not.Not good for the self esteem but hopefully I'm the kind of person who are not affect by this kind of thing but I know everyone is not like me and can be slowly destroy by this kind of mean things.

 My first saree and my first jump in indian costumes.Art silk is Hot in the summer .Maroon is a dark pink not some reddish brown,I was disappointed by the color .Totally not what I want and totally not the color show on the screen.I learn a lot more about saree now like there is many type of art silk but whatever the type , if you put a feet on it and walk , there will be damage.One wear and it's impossible to repare the damage.That was a good reason to transform it into a turban.Too much bling is hot and not comfortable at all.

 Why asking for sample of fabric?When it say 100% on the label it may not be.I buy this fabric long long time ago and did not touch it much.It was in my beginning .This 100% linen is so extensible .A huge disappointment and I never finish the dam thing.I'm not excited by the idea to finish .The truth is when things goes wrong or not as expect , you have invest money in it .Small or big budget , money is money.Unfinish project  ,those you left in the closet to never see it again , it's  a waste of money.

My dress inspired by the movie The mist of Avalon.The construction of this dress is the most popular post of my entire blog , more then 500 views.I was starting to sew entirely alone and have no overlock machine. The seam are visible in the inside of the sleeve.The fabric which is a kind of suede or velvet stain my sewing machine .It is very very  hot to wear and when I take this picture , my belly does not fit in anymore and the bust is a little tight.No wonder because it was made more then 10 years ago.The dress is far from being perfect.In this actual form it can't be wear for an event.

What about saree ?It's a traditional garment. I'm going to wear one next week for the picnic.It will be the 3rd year I'm wearing a saree for this event.I can say for sure I did not receive compliment for that or a look that says Wow.People look at me like some kind of freak.I do receive suspicious , malevolent looks .What they do think exactly I don't know but that didn't stop me.I have no reason to stop wearing something comfy and so beautiful.

To receive bad comment about the costume you wear is the most disappointed thing you can receive.It's rarely done in a nice way whatever it is about.That is true wherever you live in the world.

It's always nice to succeed when you create a costume . It's a  hobby good to keep your hands busy and the mind too when you are not so well.Just remember there is no shame to not be perfect , it make the story better and more real.

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  1. I too have some medieval-fantasy dresses that no longer fit. Remember my lilac linen-look dress, the one I made for the dinner at Château du Sire d'Howard? Well, that was 50 lbs ago. Urg!

    But that picture of you in your saree is beautiful. I had never seen it, no?