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I believe everyone who bring some goodwill can sew and enjoy it.The attic is an unpretentious place .I show my work, information and hope it could somehow inspired you.Feel free to leave comment or share idea.Be welcome and visit as much as you want.

jeudi 23 juillet 2015

T-shirt and saree : fashion or faux pas

You know my love for saree and  how comfortable and beautiful they are.I did wear one for our annual costuming picnic for the last two years I believe.

Last year I wear a pink t-shirt that perfectly match the color of my saree.The fabric is cotton , strong even if it's thin.Making a traditional choli would be delicate.I try to make one in the green silk and I have difficulties with adjustment , as always.You have one chance or you make holes in the fabric.

I always wonder if it was a faux pas or somehow an insult to wear a t-shirt with my saree.This year again I plan to wear a t-shirt for a question of time and easier to breastfed .

Yesterday I found this article on Utsavpedia .What a nice surprise : it's totally fashion to wear a t-shirt to replace the choli (blouse) , it's call t-shirt saree.I was in and don't even know it.

Ladies if you want to try a saree but don't want to make the classic look , follow the fashion and try your favorite  or a matching t-shirt. Don't be afraid , you know now it won't be a faux pas or an insult to the indians traditions.

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