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mercredi 12 août 2015

Book review : Viking dress garment clothing

There is not much book on viking costume , well not with a lot of picture in color and with detail to how to make it.This book is a jewel and I want to share it.

Cover of the english version of the book

Positives points:
The book is full of technique you can use to make your costume like bobbin braid and tablet weaving.

All picture are in color.

You have A LOT of example of what you can be able to make using the book , a lot of men , women and child viking clothing.

You have the pattern you need to make it.

Any costumer who want to create a viking outfit and have not done something in this era before will have all he need to make an historically correct costume.

Negatives point
There is no picture of historical piece from the viking era.The historical background behind it is missing.

The price can be a problem : between 50 -70$.

I love this book because it have so much to offer.I never done a viking costume before and all I need is in it , pattern , technique and what it should looks like.Yes it's not cheap , I pay mine around 50$can.It was around 65$ when I first saw it and I have wait for the price to drop.Buying it used is also an alternative .It's a book like 90% of  what ,  I , as a costumer , want from a book on costume.It's a real jewel on the subject.

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