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vendredi 28 août 2015

From mom with all my love , part 1

For the medieval fair , I wish to do a costume for my little girl.The goal was to use what I already have and buy nothing.Her costume must include a hat to protect her from the sun even if she will be a lot in the stroller.

I choose to hand sew the hole thing.Seriously I don't why I first choose it but even if I'm not a fan of hand sewing I must admit it offer advantage that machine does not.It's easier to start and stop , and restart again.That's practical when you have kids playing around.

My little princess on the cough showing how pretty she is in her costume.The pattern  is Fleur de Lyse MAE1215 children of medieval times .I do alterations to it and make it smaller to fit .The goal was to create an illusion of two tunics being wear together.Next time I will plan to do a  pant or at least a short.

 For the hat I choose a knit fabric , leftover I had .The fabric roll on him self so I do false stitches to make the real sewing easier.
                 A close-up of the stitches

I used cotton embroidery thread for the assembly doing something decorative in the same time.It did not work well in this type of fabric  , it is too soft and extensible but comfortable for the wearer.

 In front on the top of the head , little detail to the hat.It's just a X made of 2 stitches and a third stitches in the middle in a contrast color.

 I did blanket stitches for the hem and the same decoration on the bottom side.I choose to not put any cord or ribbon to attach the hat as she won't loose it and for more comfort.

 The proof it's hand sewing , not equal.Details of the upper sleeve.The blue fabric is partially knit bamboo I had used for another project in the past.Soft , comfortable and perfect for hot summer day.
 Don't ask why white on white , just an experiment of sewing on the lower sleeve.
 The detail of the neckline.Again decoration and blanket stitches .The tunic was too much open on the shoulders so I close it by doing simple stitches using the same pink thread.

Now this costume have to be wash and will be put in the memory chest of my daughter.It's the first costume I ever made for her entirely hand sew from her mom with all her love.

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