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lundi 31 août 2015

From mom with all my love , part 2

   Sometimes I don't see time passing.By the time I start the costume for my son I had 2 weeks before the event.I spend a lot of time on the costume of my daughter but I wish to make something nice for my son too.I don't want to be the kind of mom who gave more to one and less to the other.

My first idea was to do the assembly by machine but I finally did by hand.I thought I could focus more on decoration.Everything is entirely done by hand.It is not possible to use the sewing machine in front of the cough which is the main reason why I don't used it.The fabric for the tunic is a linen blend , light and soft enough for a delicate skin.                                                                                                               

My son would have been so sad if he had lost his hat so I had to find a way to attach it .I choose a cord , this is the detail of the cord I used.It was done using the monk's cord technique from the dvd Cord and braid from Gina Barette which I buy on the tudor tailor shop on etsy.I used a dark and a  pale blue cotton thread.
Back view of the hat.It is almost an adult size , I know my son would not like something too tight.It will fit for a long time.I used leftover pure linen I had.I used cotton thread for the  assembly and it was much easier to do it in linen compare to knit fabric.For this type of hat , I always have in mind the hat wear by young Morganna in the movie The mist of Avalon.
The little brooch I put on for the picture.I did not have the time to stitch it before the event so my son didn't wear it.It would have been so sad if he had lost it and would have talk of that for months.

The braid at the neck was done using the 8 elements crossover braid technique on the dvd of GB I mention previously.I had to buy thread because I didn't have enough so the yellow and green are not the exact one to the sleeve and bottom.Each color required 8 threads for a total of 16.It gave a larger braid .

Detail of the bottom of the tunic.Again it's a braid using the 8 elements crossover braid but a smaller version of it.Braid are easy and can be done successfully at the first try,specially with the dvd.

I do not know tablet weaving but I wish to make something to put on the tunic.As I hand sew the tunic , I thought it was not the best to put a modern trim.Anyway I had none that could fit.I look on tablet weaving on ebay and etsy .It was too expensive and the goal was to buy min of thing for it.
The 8 elements soutache braid for the sleeve in progress.Using 8 thread gave something narrow but work perfectly.For all the braid and cord I done for this costume , I used 10 bobbins of 7-8m of cotton thread.I required a lot of thread but I love the result.
A modern belt in leather .Not exactly what I need to be historically correct but it do the job better then other would have done.It cost 10$ at The children's place and could be reused.

The costume was finish the day before the event.I put all my love in it .My reward was the smile and pride of my son , wearing and talking of his blue costume mommy have done.He liked it so much .The best thing is : I still have enough of this fabric to make many other tunic.

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