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dimanche 23 août 2015

The medieval fair : up and down of an event

Yesterday my family and I went to the medieval fantasy fair.I choose to not costume myself as I didn't have friendly breastfeeding costume that would fit.It was sunny and hot and was more comfortable in a t-shirt.Anyway , sadly , the fair  was a big disappointment for many reason.

At 40 min of driving , I feel it was in the middle of nowhere and as I heard many people get lost trying to reach the place.The site was a farm.I must admit I wasn't sure our GPS (we call it Charlotte)take the quickest road to go , it take less time to came back.

When we arrive , we are park in a field .We had to take a path in the field and  it continue on a rocky road.Not small flat road , no big rock.It wasn't stroller friendly at all and sometimes it was difficult to push the stroller.

For 2 adults and 1 child (free for baby) it cost 36$ which is expensive for this type of event.We buy a little of food but clearly we should have bring our lunch and a blanket.Table and chair were at full sun but when we leave we found a tent with table hide on the back.It would have been more comfortable.Again if only there was indications.

I was hoping to listen a group I love call Skarazula (medieval music).By the time we arrive the show as already start but never know where the hell it was.I never heard a single note .There was no indication .I also have the impression there was only half the merchant present compare to the list I've seen on the official web site.

 My son next to an inflatable castle.It seem some parents just leave their kids there and go else where.There was no responsible of the fair to watch.It was dangerous because some kids bring object and do trouble in the castle.At some point Gwenyver and I have to ask our child to go out for safety reason.

This bring me to the point of security : you pay before you park but no one check what you bring on the site.A bunch of crazy men could have come with guns no one check what you bring on the site .You pay and pass that's all.The previous festivals  I went ,same kind of , there was security and a gate before you enter on the site.For the price I pay I can expect some security.It was more like a get together between friends but it's not the reality.
My daughter in the stroller.I try to look at the joust but it was too much noise for her.She didn't stop crying so we had to go away.To breastfed her I went behind the castle under the tree and sit on the ground.At least we had a little privacy or illusion of.

And the fun stop here.
I'm tired and have a headache.On the path to reach the car , remember the rocky road, I almost twist my ankle.Hopefully nothing serious arrive.My son fall on some rock and fall hurting  his knee .He did blood on one of his knee and both were cover of mud.We clean it with water and do a pressure to stop the bleeding.Daddy take him on his shoulder because we didn't have walk half the way to the car.I propose to go back on the site but my honey said it wasn't a serious injury .He is a pro for this kind of thing.

I was tired , hungry and have a headache  when we leave.At the fair , I was more worry to be sure my daughter drink enough  and my son to eat enough because we move so much.I didn't think enough of myself.

Ten min after I enter in the car I start feeling bad.I had nausea and well what should  happen  did happen , I throw up in my hat.The second time it was in a plastic bag .The two other times it was at home .I've been unwell for the rest of the day and have a serious huge headache.When I trow up at home it was very violent .I haven't drink enough water and did not eat enough for the energy I spend.The summer and I are not good friend.

Even if I was sick , it was an expensive day for not a lot of fun.I think my son is the only one who had a lot of fun.Next year we are not going if the fair is at the same place and cost the same price.

My friend Gwenyver told me she knew someone who did 3 hours of driving(they get lost at some point) to go to the fair but leave after 1 hour because it was disappointing.So it wasn't just me who feel this.

My previous experience of the exact type of fair had always be more fun and a little  less expensive.I hate to say this but maybe there was a lack of organization and planning for the event.Too bad we are not going back next year.

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