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dimanche 17 janvier 2016

For christmas , part 2

We don't realize it but with time and year we collect a lot of stuff for the holidays.I realize I had no need to buy because I already have 99% of my need.If you wait a little after the holiday everything is half or a fraction of the regular price which make you safe a lot of $$$.

I buy this gold net fabric last year and didn't used it.It's great to wrap small jar .The bow and ribbon were stuff I had too.I did make jam and fruit's butter (which has nothing to do with real butter).

This christmas my boss has decided we do not exchange gift because he didn't have time to shop.I found that very very much dull . I had  something for everyone.I accept it and decided to offer them a little something for valentine day.It's not reserve for lovers but also for friend and person we appreciate.We do not say enough to people we love and appreciate them.I will also have a new co-worker when I will come back to work .I had the chance to met her and I have something for her too.

I don't know for you but I always buy paper gift bag before the gift which gave the result to buy plenty of bag.Resolution no 2 : making all the gift bag.Those 2 were the biggest I ever made , even if you can't see it.I had 2 handles to transport them and of course , it have 3 strong seams.

Who ever said that gift bag for the holiday must have a design related to it? This bag was made for the gift of my friend M .I used the fabric from a project I was not satisfy with  and did not complete.The fabric is beautiful , sold as a broché , now I can say it gave something I like and it was much appreciate by M.

A few sample of fabric used to make bags.Some are simply leftover I had and thought I should do something with it.

During her last visit my mother in law ask me if I had some leftover fabric she could have to cover some of her most loved book.So far I made a small box of brocade, cotton , linen and other fabric I thought she could love.She is not well right now so I hope this will keep her hand busy.

I normally do a lot of sweet for the holiday , cake , brownies and cookies but think differently this time.If at first making spices blend could seem boring , those mix contain hard to find spice and you won't find that quality at the grocery.At left is ras el hanout , at right spices for steak.The best thing is both of them do not contain salt .Since last year (I mean 2014) my honey and I have develop a huge love for spices from all around the world.We love to share this .

A small bottle of oil with spices and chile I made for someone I know and enjoy cooking.

I do have a few chinese brocade I haven't used yet.I thought I could do a short peignoir with this fabric.It's the only one which have 4 m.I used every part of it and it make a great gift.

Resolution no 1: to not buying christmas decorations - Done
Resolution no 2: making my own gift bag   - Done
Things to remember : I  buy too much and don't do enough.

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