The attic is a place dedicate to share my passion :costuming and sewing.I'm not a professional or expert seamstress,only the mother of young kids who love sewing.You won't find 100% historical costume,museum replica, perfection or extreme thing here.

I believe everyone who bring some goodwill can sew and enjoy it.The attic is an unpretentious place .I show my work, information and hope it could somehow inspired you.Feel free to leave comment or share idea.Be welcome and visit as much as you want.

vendredi 20 janvier 2017

My list of projects or wish list

I thought it could be nice to share my list of project to come  or at least what I wish or hope to do.Wish and make are two differents things.If I start slowly I may realize a good part of the list , one day.It's not place by order or priority , just if I think of it I add it.In italic are those I prefer the most .

The mystery 18th century heavily embroided dress project inspired by tv serie
Elizabethan costume for men
Princess Elizabeth dress for a young girl
Christmas socks and gift bag
Chemise and surcot inspired from The mist of Avalon - Ygraine character
A set of 4 none perfect fantasy or historical russian costumes
Blue and gold tudor dress - inspired from the book The tudor tailor
Red gown from Eleonore of Toledo - Pattern of fashion 1 p 41
A selection of period underwear
Dress inspired by Madeleine Vionnet
Embroided Elizabethan inspired purse
The jellow Elizabethan inspired purse , attempt no 1 before making the embroided version
Pet en l'air using the italian brocade I have
Robe à la française using the second italian brocade
Robe à l'anglaise
18th century embroided outfit for men
Polonaise dress
A civil war dress
A regency outfit
Blue and green dress with embroided butterfly for my goddauther
Renaissance dress
Port Réal inspired dress from The game of throne
A cocoon coat inspired by designer Poiret - project in developpement
A one piece bathing suit
A mother -daughter viking outfit using 2 or 3 fabric I have in reserve for that
Victorian ball gown
Frock coat for my honey
An embroided outfit inspired by prince Albert
Red medieval dress inspired by an original painting seen in a magasine
Blanket for child
A complete historical edwardian outfit , because I love Road to Avonlea tv serie
Red oxford satin dress with one sleeve
Dress inspired from the Monte carlo dress from Folkwear pattern
Pyjamas for child
A middle age outfit - early period
A selection of corset - élizabethan , victorian , edwardian and regency
Blue pyjama with lamb design for my son
A steampunk outfit
Two matching kilt - one for my son and his daddy
An attemp to recreate a dress from a queen - don't know which one I prefer
A gambison - don't know the english name but it's the padded coat wear under an armor
A royal tudor outfit for a young boy (my son)

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