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samedi 14 janvier 2017

Viking outfit for my daughter , part 1

Back in october for halloween.We decided to do a minimum of thing . My honey and my son were pirates and my daugther and I choose viking.I already have everything I need so I had only to make 1 costume.

I want something just so cute for her .I start with a little hat on which I did a lot of embroidery.I see it more as an embroidery practice then a real project.It was easy to do  , just a little at the time before going to bed.

I found 2 models of viking over the web , the jorvik and dublin hat , one being more round on the back and the other a real squarre.I choose the squarre.

I knew I didn't have the time to entirely embroided the hole thing but at least it should have something on it.I choose a tree on one side.

To save time , I made the hat , used the herringbone stitches to finish the edge , draw the tree on the fabric , embroided the tree and make and fix the braids.

At left and at the bottom : herringbone stitches , those in pink are made with silk , white with wool.This a picture taken in progress.

The tree: in brown threaded running stitches in silk  , in green pekinese stitches in wool.The braid are made of the same wool I used on the hat.Very soft to the touch and a pleasure to work with.No modern stitches are visible on the outside.

The final result.Probably not the best embroidery that could be made but as a first attempt to make those stitches it's not so terrible.

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